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We Help Founders Build

From The Ground Up

We Help Founders Build

Automated Businesses

We are software engineers & entrepreneurs, investing the first-check a founder needs to build an automated business.

We work with product-obsessed teams from day 0:00

Startups backed or co-founded

How much do we invest?

💸  We provide the first check your startup needs (from $10K to $250K USD).

What else do we offer?

 ⚡️ Aside from capital we offer hands on help actually building things and fuel growth. We provide you an all-access pass to our large network of future potential clients, investors, partners etc. Also, free office space for founders in Mexico.

How to partner with us?

🦄  Submit your application on this page.

Application process


What do we invest in?2023-11-26T00:52:14+00:00

We are industry agnostic, we don’t have an industry preference. What we love is a company that really fixes a problem and has a solid business model. 

What stages does Botware focus on?2023-11-26T00:52:45+00:00

Early stage (pre-seed). So the first check basically. 

Who reviews applications?2023-12-15T16:46:07+00:00

Our investment analysts review applications within 2 days.

When will I get the yes or no?2023-11-26T00:52:08+00:00

Whether it’s yes or no, we would let you know our decision in 6 days.

Who decides on what companies to invest?2023-11-26T00:52:06+00:00

The MP.

How active is Botware with portfolio startups?2023-11-26T00:52:05+00:00

We can be as active as the founders want us to be. We love to help if needed.

What documents do we require for due diligence?2023-11-26T00:52:03+00:00

Cap table and any existing corporate records (e.g., articles of incorporation, resolutions, official meeting minutes, shareholder agreements, share purchase agreements, etc.). Founder shares should adhere to vesting conditions. Please be aware that we may request further documentation or information, as needed, based on the nature of your business.