Hi, I’m Andrés. I like

building and growing

automated businesses

Hi, I’m Andrés. I like

building and growing

automated businesses

Founder of Botware

Here’s a bit of my story…

Months after graduating from university in 2018, I founded a software development company called botware.ai, focused on automating businesses through artificial intelligence.

Several months later, I started another business, a SaaS called intelimotor.com.

What’s interesting, besides having no experience, is that I invested a grand total of $0, didn’t raise capital, and still, it only took 18 months to reach $1M USD in annual recurring revenue.

Not only that, but we’ve also helped generate over $2,000,000,000 in sales and millions more in cost reduction for over 1000 companies.

What’s even better is that everything is highly automated.

To date, we’ve never had more than two salespeople or three software engineers.

We were able to maintain a small team by building an ‘army of bots’ to automate our work from day one.

This is really the main reason why we grew fast without needing a large team.

Eventually, I realized that building profitable businesses has become much easier with the help of artificial intelligence.

So, I started investing and helping others do exactly the same, and in the process, I began building a portfolio of automated companies.

If you’re interested in building something new, I could probably help.

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